Group Benefits For Breweries

Your staff is what makes your day-to-day brewery operations successful. Protect (and reward!) them with group benefits. 

What’s in it for your employees?

  1. Enrolling in group health insurance generally costs participants less than what they would pay for a policy on their own.
  2. Eligible employees are able to enroll their families in the benefit package too.
  3. Enrolling in group health insurance through an employer is easy!

What’s in it for you as the business owner?

  1. Offering benefits to your team attracts quality employees in the event that you are hiring.
  2. Your employees know that you value them and their families.
  3. Tax credits!

If your business employs more than 50 people, you are required to provide group health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. If you have less than 50 employees, there are still a lot of reasons to offer group benefits to your team. We’d love to walk you through your group benefit options.

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