10 Safety tips for breweries

Setting a culture of safety is imperative to the success of any brewery. If you, as the businses owner, make safety a priority, your employees will too. Here are 10 safety tips that you can implement now to create a safer environment for your employees.

10 safety tips for breweries

  1. Schedule regular safety meetings to continually maintain and improve processes.
  2. Train your employees to use verbal cues to warn coworkers. Calling out “knife”, “corner” or “behind you” alerts those around you that there is a potential hazard.
  3. Make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked and easily available.
  4. Use a broom and dustpan to pick up broken glass – not bare hands. Make sure that the area is secured where the glass was broken to keep patrons from entering a dangerous area.
  5. If there is an accident where blood is involved, cleanup MUST be done wearing gloves and using paper towles that are thrown away in a sealed bag. The area must be completely disinfected before it can be used again.
  6. Staff must be properly trained on how to use propane tanks and heaters. Be aware of any possible leaks (if you smell the odor of skunk and garlic, you’ve got a leak!).
  7. Make sure that you have the correct first aid measures available for each type of chemical that is present in the brewery.
  8. Communicate the plan to all employees for what needs to happen if a chemical is spilled. Role play so each person knows how to contain and clean up the chemical quickly.
  9. Work with your local fire department to determine the best fire safety plan. Design and map it out – and then educate your staff.
  10. Your staff should be trained on all of the following: PPE usage, corrosive chemicals, slippery and wet surfaces, trip hazards, machine hazards, electrical hazards, hot and pressurized liquids or steam, storage hazards, and forklift and pallet jack traffic.

More fantastic tips can be found at BrewersAssociation.org.

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