What is a Workers Compensation “Safety Group”?

You may have heard that Brewer Insured offers a Workers Compensation Safety Group – exclusive for members of the Brewers of Pennsylvania. But what is a safety group and why do you want to be apart of one?

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What is a safety group?

A safety group is a loss-sensitive workers comp insurance program that enables business owners to pool insurance premiums together. In addition, any losses that the group experiences are spread over the entire pool which is how the dividend is determined.

So let’s talk dividends:

A dividend is a financial reward for having low claims. It is paid annually to each member of the safety group if the group has had a good, safe year with low claims. Our Brewers of PA Safety Group is eligible for a dividend up to 40% of the premium, based on how well the group performs. The loss ratio of that year determines the level of dividend that is paid out.

Benefits of being apart of a safety group:

Safety groups are comprised of businesses who are committed to providing a safe work environment. You can feel good knowing that the other members take safety as seriously as you do.

Accidents do happen though. And that’s where one of the biggest benefits of a safety group come in. If you happened to have a bad year that resulted in multiple or large claims, you are able to rely on the other members of your safety group and still receive the dividend.

What makes a successful safety group?

  1. A focus on safety. This is the biggest way to make the program successful is to make safety a priority at your brewery. When you make safety a part of your workplace culture, taking the appropriate precautions makes being safe a natural habit of your employees. Click here for some of our best safety tips for breweries!
  2. Increase the size of your group. Having a larger group of businesses in the group means that you are able to withstand more losses. It’s in your best interest as a member of the group to spread the word about the group and invite brewery-owner peers to join.
safety group

If you’re interested in joining the Brewers of PA Safety Group, we’d love to talk to you!

Email Mike at Mike@BrewerInsured.com for more information!

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